Copia Developments Gainsborough Rd
Mixed-Use Development

Project Details:

Project Scope
New Construction
Services Provided
Full Architectural Services
100,000 sq. ft. (52 units)
Construction Value
$8 million
London, Ontario

Section Cutout

Based on a successful design relationship, our office continues to develop high-rise and mixed-use residential projects for Copia Developments. Presently, we are working with their group to develop a mid-rise residential project for North-West London. This phased project will include a six-storey structure with 52 Residential Units, a Commercial Office level, and Ground Floor retail spaces. In addition to this first phase, we are also assisting their team with the development of a second phase twelve-storey tower on the opposite side of the subject lands.

Based on the nature of this project, one of the largest accomplishments was creating a phased development for the client. This phasing breakdown has allowed Copia to review the project in “bite sized pieces”, allowing for a schedule and funding process that is easy to manage. As it relates to the site design, one of the primary project achievements was creating a proper urban edge along Gainsborough Road. This layout promotes walkability for future residents, and will also be very beneficial to those who rent the commercial spaces on Levels 1 and 2.